Sunday, November 1, 2009

Play Video in Ms Paint, Photoshop, and in MSWord

Yes you can really Play video in Ms paint. But that doesn't mean that MsPaint have a built in player.

This is just a trick that can be played by using VLC. First you have to enable wallpaper mode in VLC .

Just follow these steps

Now what you have to do is to press "Print SysRq" to print System Screen.

Now open MsPaint , select new file and press crt+v to paste the clipboard content in msPaint.

---- Now you will see a video playing in the paint.

---DO the same for PHOTOSHOP , select a new file and take a PrintScreen and press crt+v.
-- The same applies for MSWord too. Even where ever you can paste a picture you will see video running.

:) njoy

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