Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anti virus for free

There are so many people on the net trying to find a final solution to the biggest problem on earth for Window user -- VIRUS. The solution lies in installing a antivirus because of course windows is too lame to protect it self.

Now the biggest problem is which is the best anti-virus.According to the PCWorld the Kaspersky anti-virus stood third on the list of best anti virus. So without wasting any time lets see how we can install Kaspersky anti-virus for free. The biggest problem with the hacked version or craked version is you cannot Update your anti virus .

But using this trick you can not only have a free anti virus but also you can update it and protect your computer.For this we will use KASPERSKY -> Kaspersky becoz it works only in this version. So you will have to down load it form

1- go To ( Start ) then ( Run )

2- Type ( regedit ) and press ( OK )

3- Go To ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\AVP6\Data ) & Right Click On ( Data ) & Choose ( Permissions )

4- Choose ( Advanced ) From The ( Permissions For Data ) New Window Opened

5- In ( Advanced Security Settings for Data ) Window .. There is a sentence which begin with ( Inherit from parent ... ) click on the nike or check mark to remove it

6- After Removing the check or nike mark you will get a new message .. choose from it ( Remove )

7- Then in ( Advanced Security Settings for Data ) click on ( Apply )

8- After Clicking Apply you will get a new message choose ( Yes )

9- After That Press ( OK ) In ( Advanced Security Settings for Data )

10- After That .. Press ( OK ) In ( Permissions For Data )

11- After That Make An ( Exit ) For ( KasperSky ) .. & Run It Again

12- You Will Notice That The Kaspersky Icon Is Not ( RED ) But Its ( GRAY ) Which means that the program is not activated

13- But if you opened it you will see all things are working perfect 100% Working.

What Happened To The Program After These Steps ?

- You Will update the kaspersky database manually ... no automatic updates.

- The windows security center will tell you that the firewall or\and antivirus is not working ... becoz you made the kaspersky seemed unactiviated. Actually the registry key you have edited stores the information about activation keys and all that. You actually not delected the key but you have prevented the kaspersky form reading it by denying permissions.

Note:- To uninstall you have to undo the steps above. To have to grand all permision to the key above. Also After installing you have to update the Kaspersky before you continue. Because Kaspersky 6 is petty old an you must have a updated version for complete virus protection.

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