Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hide files in image

Here is new trick 4 all of you .... you can hide zipped files in images ... such as .jpg or .jpeg .......

The file will be an image. If some one cilck to open it , it will be shown as image but it will contain the zipped file.

Here it goes:-

  • First zip the file which you want to hide .... using winrar now ... suppose it is test.rarand the image in which you want to hide is img.jpg
  • Now goto command promt
  • Goto destination folder using cd
  • Then type copy /b img.jpg + test.rar img.jpg

  • It is done. This img.jpg contains your test.rar.
  • o extrat it :-open image with winrar and then you will find test.rar .Click on extract button and you are done.



  1. the image file is not getting opend in winrar..
    but your blogs are interesting